Have you tried Groovee Scourers??

At last it is safe to speed-wash cookware without the worry of scourer splinters finding their way into a meal.

Groovee Scourers have a unique and tough coating carefully laid on anti-bacterial treated sponge. These pads are still flexible to use, but retain their original shape using inbuilt memory.

Unlike wire wool, stainless steel, copper, or green nylon fibre-type scourers, Redi-Brite Groovee Scouring Pads will not trap food particles beneath the cleaning surface promoting bacterial growth, nor will they go limp like wetted fibre scourers.

Please scroll down and view the types and grades we have available. If you have any questions or cannot find our products in store, please contact us.

White: Non Scratch Scourer - Will not scratch glass or stainless steel

Green: General Purpose Scourer - Replaces Fibre/Copper Scourers and Wire Wool Pads

Black: Extreme Acting Scourer - Last resort, if nothing else will move the grime. Replaces Stainless Steel Scourers